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We are an architecture and interior design studio offering a unique bespoke service to our clients.


Our ethos begins with understanding each client and listening to their needs. 

We believe that each person, store, real estate promotion and restaurant has their own dream, goal, and budget, in short, their own specific needs.  At KINZE STUDIO, we listen carefully to their needs in order to create unique spaces that truly reflects their personality.



We love challenges and we think that good design should be within everyone's reach. Therefore, we are happy to take on all kinds of projects, treating every detail with honesty and as an opportunity to improve spaces and the lives of the people who inhabit them.


We offer you a very flexible service from 0 to 100. You decide how far you want to go. We like to stick from start to finish, integrating architecture, interior design, staging and site management to guarantee the success of each project. This is what we call

This is what we call KINZE EXPERIENCE.




Gonzalo Martín


Educated as an architect between Seville and Madrid, he has a great passion for architecture and large construction projects.


Back in 2012, he moved to London to work for one of the best-known 3D visualization studio in the English capital, working for clients such as Norman Foster or Heatherwick.


After that, he collaborated with various architectural firms, where he was involved in large-scale international projects such as airports, sports centres, stadiums or real estate promotions.


Back to Spain in 2018, he continues to closely collaborate with his architectural firm in London, while combining it with commissions from the private sector in Spain until Kinze Studio was founded.


He is a passionate about new technologies, being always up to date with the newest technology news and software related to his field. He is also a 3D model expert, which guaranties him to develop each project in the best possible way.


His wide experience developing complex projects gives him the ability to look deeply into every single detail in order to find the best solution for each problem and obtain the best result.


Rocío Peral

Architect & Interior Designer

Graduated in architecture and interior design, she studies between Madrid and Milan.


In 2012 she moved to London in order to learn about all the procedures of the British market. What began as an a priori temporary experience, turned into 6 years of work and close collaboration with different leading companies in the real estate sector in the English capital.


During that time, she specializes in house renovations and interior design while working for a well-known residential development company in central London, collaborating in the design and styling of several of their show apartments and working on staging projects for marking campaigns.

In 2018, upon her return to Spain, she continues to develop her career in companies in the industry in the province of Alicante, until she decides to start her own studio Kinze Studio.

She has a passion for interior design, photography and travel, and she loves discovering new places, materials and products. She has a clear sense for aesthetics and she is always up to date with the latest materials and trends in the design industry. Her ultimate goal is to bring design to people’s life, creating spaces that improve the daily lives of the people who live in them.

Together, Gonzalo and Rocio founded  KINZE STUDIO, the perfect combination that brings together all disciplines needed to guaranty the success of any project.



We are aware of how stressful a project could be for the owners, visualizing the final project, concerns about the final budget, timeframes etc. For that reason, we approach each project in the most honest and flexible way in order for them to enjoy the process from the very beginning.


The KINZE EXPERIENCE is differentiated in 6 phases designed to provide you with all the necessary information at every step.


Initial meeting

The first meeting is non-binding, and all we want is to get to know you and the needs of your project. After that first meeting, and upon request, we can offer you a quote based on everything we have discussed. Once we embark on this adventure, the first step is always the measurement of the property that will allow us to start working in depth on your project. 

1. Reunión.JPG


Design process

We let our imagination fly, searching for inspiration to approach your project and its challenges in an innovative way. 

You will see your project evolve with detailed presentations and infographics. 



Site management

KINZE STUDIO offers a end-to-end quality service. For this reason, we take full responsibility and stay involved in the work on-site  from day one to completion day. We work closely with all professionals involved, visiting the site weekly as well as applying for the necessary permits/ licenses to carry out your project.

5. direccionobra2.JPG


Timescale and personal advise

Organization is the key to success and it is crucial for us. For that reason, at the beginning of the process you will receive a programme to follow with dates of upcoming meetings, topics to be discussed in each of the meetings, etc. During the whole process, we are available to answer any questions you may have and we will work closely with you as a team to guarantee your project success.



Documentación técnica

We coordinate efficiently to create all the technical documentation needed to build as per the approved design. We carefully draw each element in detail, creating building specifications and everything necessary to build your project successfully.

4. Técnico.jpg


Interior design

Intelligent floor plans and a professional site management would not be enough if we don’t have a carefully and detailed design in place for each of the rooms. A good interior design is key to a successful outcome and we work hard on this stage and think about each of the element carefully, because every details counts.

Always with a good attention to detail, we make the most of each room, optimising resources, playing with textures, selecting materials, paints, coatings and much more.


KINZE EXPERIENCE is waiting for you

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